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March, 2012

I’m almost sorry about this one
Vintage Kettle: Fringe
Friday TEN: My favorite search results from the last month
Joining the glasses club
Kick off
Recent reading
Embrace: Thirty
Friday Five: Reasons this is going to be my best birthday weekend ever
The fit hits the Shan #8: Some things I’ve learned from or with David in his first 30 years
Fear and fiction
K’Nex, Barbie and the tension of true feminism
Vintage Kettle: Truth through wires

February, 2012

St. Lucie
I like you
Friday Five: Movies that should have gotten Best Picture nominations over the last five years
Recent Reading
Embrace the Crazy
Common Prayer
Friday Five: Confessions of a transracially adoptive parent
Questions and a book
Brown child, white town
Different, like everyone else (continued)
Different, like everyone else
Friday Five: Stuff my daughter said last year that totally needs to be on a t-shirt
The fit hits the Shan #7: Winter grass
Imaginary lines meeting in space
Friday Five: Things I’m looking forward to most in 2012
The sun is a mass of incandescent gas

January, 2012

Friday Five: Things I want to be sure to do during the next year of blogging
I’m still here
Friday Five: Things I wish married-for-ten-years Me could say to married-for-one-year Me
Fear, and overcoming it
The fit hits the Shan #6: purging control
Little ladies growing up

December, 2011

My favorite posts I didn’t write
My favorist posts I wrote this year
Guest posts from this year
Where I’ve been this year
It’s a Wonderful Life
In Bruges
Edward Scissorhands
Top seven Christmas movies
A Summary of why we need Christmas
In defense of Christmas, part 4
In defense of Christmas, part 3
The fit hits the Shan #5: We could pretend
In defense of Christmas, part 2
An interview with Shawn Smucker
In defense of Christmas, part 1
Saturday Links
Vintage Kettle: Snow Angel
Truth in love

November, 2011

Frozen Rover
Tips for surviving your next family holiday gathering
Recent Reading
Losing Calvinism
Guest post at
Hungover dream
An American [geek’s] childhood, No. 54
The fit hits the Shan #4: shuffled notebooks
Family history
An American [geek’s] childhood, No. 53
True story
A word which here means a small, safe space in a troubling world

October, 2011

Bunny ears
An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 52
O Rebel, Where Art Thou? Final thoughts
An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 51
O Rebel, Where Art Thou? Trait #8: Having the sames needs and fears as everyone else
Three churches
The meaning of permanence
An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 50
The fit hits the Shan, No. 3: Why can’t church be more like the smoking section?
O Rebel, Where Art Thou? Trait #7: Suspicion of your lack of suspicion
“I hate boys” and other insights from the maternity ward
Guest post from Emily Wierenga: On how to teach our children about Jesus
An American ]geek’s] Childhood, No. 49
Meeting Melanie
O Rebel, Where Art Thou? Trait #6: Distrust of churches
How I learned to stop worrying and love birthmothers

September, 2011

An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 48
O Rebel, Where Art Thou? Trait #5: Answer avoidance
More thoughts on evolution and sin
Recent reading
Posts with the most
An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 47
A question you asked me a long time ago
O Rebel, Where Art Thou? Trait #4: Curiosity for the forbidden
A list of things I want my daughter to know
So let us know
An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 46
Good kids
O Rebel, Where Art Thou? Trait #3: Fear of group-think
Things I want my daughter to know
An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 45
The fit hits the Shan, Ep. 2: Choosing a custome
O Rebel, Where Art Thou? Trait #2: Independent processing
St. Paul’s
Change is coming
An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 44

August, 2011

O Rebel, Where Art Thou? Trait #1: Interactive Processing
Recent Reading
Church Transition or Weird Dream? Guest Post by Dan McMonagle
An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 43
Red rover, red rover
O Rebel, Where Art Thou?
Rebels in Their Natural Habitat
An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 42
Now and forever, amen
On Evolution and Sin
Be Thou My Overreaction
Liturgy with kids, and writing for a friend
An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 41
The Fit Hits the Shan, No. 1: Homeless Man
Travel Reading
A preschooler discovers the problem of pain
Adoption heartbreak
An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 40
Sucker Punch
Church Quest: Preschool Edition

July, 2011

An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 39
The Good Child
Church Quest 9: Looking back and looking forward
My contractually obligated Harry Potter retrospective
New Dreams: guest post for Shawn Smucker
Guest Post at Imperfect Prose
A Good Year
Church Quest 8: Non-negotiables
The Beautiful Game
Church Quest 7: The Dream List
An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 38
A Spectator Along God’s Highway: guest post by Shan K.
Church Quest 6: What we like about our current church
Recent reading
Church Quest 5: Why we ultimately decided to leave
The Youth in Asia
An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 37
Vintage Kettle: Dirty God
Church Quest 4: Why we originally planned to stay
Church Quest 3: Our Church History 201
An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 36

June, 2011

Vintage Kettle: Centrifuge
Church Quest 2: Our Church History 101
Songs for driving
Yesterday we went to church
An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 35
An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 34
The Fundamental(ist)s of Cheerleading
An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 33
Vintage Kettle: Choices
The myth of parental protection, or Why my daughter will read Dracula
A Conversation with Andrew Himes
An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 32
A summary of what we owe our kids when we talk about the Bible

May, 2011

What we owe our kids when we talk about the Bible, part 5
An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 31
What we owe our kids when we talk about the Bible, part 4
Hide in a cloud
What we owe our kids when we talk about the Bible, part 3
An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 30
The End of Sight
What we owe our kids when we talk about the Bible, part 2
Top Twenty Five Tuesday: Baffling search results that have led people to my blog
What we owe our kids when we talk about the Bible, part 1
An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 29
Snow White and the God who loved Goliath too
The Sword of the Lord review
An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 28
What unity means when you have no other choice
My late-to-the-party Love Wins review

April, 2011

An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 27
Dry cleaned flannel and other acts of love
Chicago in seven easy points instead of a long write-up with lots of pictures
That time my kid was more athletic than yours
An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 26
Gotcha Day
Would you rather Buzz or Sprawl?
The Great Outdoors
An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 25
Swimming in Poo: guest post by Alise Wright
Reader Love
An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 24
Alise the Right
Adoption Week Narrative 12: Coming Home
An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 23

March, 2011

More on writing
Faith like a child, questions included: guest post by Shawn Smucker
Like little children, or My preschooler knows more about God than I do
An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 22
On Writing: guest posting at Shawn Smucker’s blog
But I still hate that Russian
An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 21
Words like a child
My apparent failure to keep my preschooler from becoming a fundamentalist
On salt and vinegar crickets and fine Scotch
Adoption week narrative 11: Final sights and saying goodbye
An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 20
The time I tried to explain euthanasia to a kid who can’t even read yet
Top Twenty-eight Tuesday: Books I’m totally buying as soon as our tax refund gets here
Adoption week narrative 10: Embassy day
An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 19
I don’t know and other heresies
Top Ten Tuesday: The moments that make parents totally worth it

February, 2011

In the beginning
An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 18
Top Ten Tuesday: Getting my 29 year old act together
Adoption Week Narrative 9: Eduardo
An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 17
Emerging children
An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 16
I don’t like the juice of beetles
Top Ten Tuesday: The hardest parts of being a parent
Adoption Week Narrative 8: Venturing forth a confident and effeminate man
An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 15
Oh Canada
Recent Reading
Top Five Tuesday: Underappreciated 80s and 90s rock bands

January, 2011

An American [geek’s] Chilhood, No. 14
Bad parenting products
Top Five Tuesday: Yosi’s favorite grown-up music videos
Adoption Week Narrative 7: Feeling really stupid but too tired to care
Other People’s Words, No. 5
An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 13
Grown ups
Muncie Children’s Museum
Top Tuesday: Fictional role models for girls
Falling in love in a foreign place
An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 12
Flying fish
Her voice is neither small nor still
Top Fifteen Tuesday: Let it snow!
Other People’s Words, No. 3
An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 11
Top Fifteen Tuesday: Role models for girls
A [poetic] case of the Mondays, No. 7
Other People’s Words, No. 2

December, 2010

An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 10
Unmasking Megan
Top Twelve Tuesday: 2010 in pictures
A poetic case of the Mondays, No. 6
An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 9
Top Thirty Tuesday: Tales of the glories
Stop the insanity!
An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 8
Snow Angel
Top Ten Tuesday: It’s a Wonderful List
A poetic case of the Mondays, No. 5
Other people’s words, No. 1
Be good, for goodness sake
An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 7
Not a mistake
Top Five Tuesday: Animated Christmas specials
A poetic case of the Monday, No. 4
An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 6

November, 2010

Show Hope
An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 5
Good Gourd Almighty
A poetic case of the Mondays, No. 3
An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 4
Truth Through Wires
Boonshoft Museum of Discovery
An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 3
Happy [belated] Halloween
Prairie Days
A poetic case of the Mondays, No. 2

October, 2010

An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 2
Secret ballroom
A poetic case of the Mondays, No. 1
An American [geek’s] Childhood, No. 1
Take my hand
New wine
Green machine
Spiders everywhere!…except at the spider presentation
Adoption Week Narrative #6: Fear in a foreign place
Recent Reading

September, 2010

Adoption Week Narrative #5: A peaceful shore
Love poem from the first year
Adoption Week Narrative #4: So, shall we cry
Adoption Week Narrative #3: Love and terror
Adoption Week Narrative #2: The longest 2 hours ever
Adoption Week Narrative #1: Preparing to travel, of “Get your American butts to Guatemala, pronto!”
Toy fails
I’ll have some more of that AWANA Kool-Aid, please
Self-righteousness and adoption
August adventures in parenting
Train up a child

August, 2010

How Toddlers Think, Episode 2
Recent Reading
Dr. Mohler and the American twenty-something
How Toddlers Think, Episode 1
Living a better story


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