Creation and the Angry Ism

“For two and a half decades I brushed aside the mountain of evidence and scientific consensus surrounding evolution and a very old universe as just so much atheist deception. It’s honestly embarrassing to admit how recent that was, but if you didn’t grow up in fundamentalist Christianity, or in any other fundamentalist religious tradition, it’s impossible to explain to you how powerful are the pressures of belief, how convincing the explanations provided when your eternal soul depends upon them. I am not as far removed as I’d like to be from a time when I believed in a young earth, when sinners washed in the blood of the lamb or burned in his wrath, when God himself was red of tooth and claw. The unraveling of my belief was both rapid and torturously slow. It started with Calvinism, tearing apart my image of a good god like the tornado we all feared while growing up in a trailer park, and found its foothold in science.”

My essay at The Samizdat today is about growing up in the young earth creationism movement and how I moved away from it in my twenties. Come on over and share your thoughts and questions, and if you’ve had a similar experience, please share your story in the comments there!

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