Readers, I need to ask for some grace.

The last couple weeks have been exhausting for me. Everything here is fine – marriage, parenting, health, friendships, plans – everything is good. But a friend is hurting, and I’m tired, and I’ve had no emotional energy to throw into blog posts this week, and probably not next week either. If I feel like I can do one, I will, but it doesn’t look likely.

Please understand this is a very temporary break, and I intend to be back on my daily blogging schedule on Monday, April 9. I’m planning on posting the promised explanation of intentional community on that date. Shan will have a guest post for us that week as well, and in the following weeks Melinda will be working into the schedule also.

Life is good, but it’s tiring, and leaves us daily in need of grace. I know I will be shown it here. Peace of Christ to you.

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4 Responses to Rest

  1. hopefulleigh says:

    David, no apology or explanation necessary. Take all the time you need. Rest up. We’ll be here when you’re ready.

  2. Bethany says:

    The beauty of RSS is it allows readers like me to say “I’d like to know when David posts something” and when you don’t, I know I’ll see it when you do. As I tell my college students: we make choices about what’s important. Sometimes making the right choices means something suffers, but that doesn’t make it a bad choice.

  3. It seems that life should always take precedence over blogging about life. And rest is part of life. Rest easy.

  4. .~mama~ says:

    Those times happen in life….you take all the time you need. Will look forward to reading whatever you post when the time is right. Rest, recuperate, refresh yourself, and return when you’re ready…. ((Look at all those ‘re..’ words and I didn’t even plan it that way))

    love you!

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