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Frozen river

Five years ago I had all the answers, loved the answers, and spent most of my time telling other people the answers so they could love them too. Four years ago I still thought I had the answers, but I … Continue reading

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4 years old and I kissed Jenny on top of the propane tank behind our trailer. She said I had to kiss her everytime I got home from work, so I climbed on and off the tank, our living room, … Continue reading

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Ten years ago a friend gave me Richard Foster’s Celebration of Discipline, a book many consider to be the defining modern work on the spiritual disciplines of Christianity. I read it twice in the first six months, and while its … Continue reading

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Tips for surviving your next family holiday gathering

The holidays are upon us, and that means family gatherings. Today I’m offering you four tips for getting through yours this year. Because I care. I. The perfect eggnog is the key to familial harmony. If you’re a teetotaler and you still attend family … Continue reading

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Recent Reading

Raising Your Spirited Child by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka – The “Difficult Child” book for people think James Dobson might be full of it and believe modern psychology might just have a thing or two to offer us as parents. If … Continue reading

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Saturday Links

Today is my 300th post. Thanks for reading and commenting over these last 15 months! Peter Enns wrote a two part series this week on recurring mistakes made in the debate over evolution and the historicity of Adam. I especially … Continue reading

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Losing Calvinism

I grew up the son of a preacher who perpetually lacked a church. We would bounce from one congregation to another, traveling to candidate at churches all over the Midwest in our puke yellow camper van that always seemed in … Continue reading

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Guest post at

Lyndie and I have been looking for a church, and it hasn’t been easy. But it’s been good for the soul to experience how other Christians worship. It’s easy to make assumptions about other pilgrims on the journey, especially when they say … Continue reading

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Hungover Dream

Wake to the cold stumble over shoes in front of the door step out into the rumor of sun God wakes with a start and grabs a notebook from beside the bed. He writes November. Red, orange; wet. Smoke. Sunrise - woman/song.  He’s … Continue reading

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Saturday Links

Lyndie, the hot blonde who sometimes comments here, shared this week a list of things she wants to be true about her life. I’m loving the journey with her, so here’s to realizing dreams. Adam McHugh shares some interesting thoughts on comtemplation. You … Continue reading

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