Saturday Links (6/4/11)

Stupid Ugly Foreigner rants about hating English when it was all he could speak, and loving it now that he’s trying to change that.

Want to feel righteously indignant? Read this letter to Free Range Kids.

I weep for the future. Roger Ebert shares one reason why.

I’ve been wrestling with the issue of pacificism and non-violence lately, and this post by Mason at New Ways Forward exposes an interesting aspect of that.

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5 Responses to Saturday Links (6/4/11)

  1. happygirl says:

    I’m blind in one eye, so the 3-D experience is lost on me. Oh well… I guess I’ll only be able to enjoy the story.

  2. mama says:

    Thought this was interesting….

    By the way my wallpaper on this laptop is the recent one of you tossing Yosi in the air. The look on her face is priceless! It makes me smile every time I look at it!

  3. Greg Dill says:

    I read two of the articles you posted: Letter to Free Range Kids, and the issue of pacifism.

    First, I really question the validity of the Letter to Free Range Kids. With exception to isolated and extremely rare circumstances, CPS does not frivolously get involved in cases where there are no signs of real abuse. My wife is a social worker and she tells me of many stories of real abuse, both with the elderly and with children. And, none of the issues listed in this article are considered abusive. Therefore, I am led to believe there really is an underlying abuse going on within this family’s home. If not abuse, then certainly neglect. No child threatens suicide unless its a 1) learned behavior, or 2) there is neglect or abuse going on in the home. Why didn’t the mother seek counseling right away? I’d be all over that. Why wait to sign up for some program? NOTHING would prohibit me from seeking counseling for my child who just threatened suicide. Why is the mother single? And, staying up until 2am on a computer certainly explains why she can’t see her child off to school the next morning. I hope I’m wrong on all of this. But, I am led to believe the writer is just venting her frustrations and is ignorant of her child’s well-being.

    Second, in regards to pacifism what particularly have you been wrestling with? Pacifism is very much a biblical concept and Jesus taught a pacifist message. There is not a single instance of a disciple of Christ acting out in violence, with exception to one. Peter was sharply rebuked by Jesus for taking up the sword against the guards (a form of redemptive violence). Jesus taught us to turn the other cheek, love our enemies, be at peace with all men, give not one but two cloaks to our enemies, forgive seventy times seven. Finally, Jesus warned that whoever kills by the sword will die by the sword. We live in a different kingdom from the world. The world believes in violence to solve its problems. God’s kingdom does not, our war is of a spiritual nature.


    • Hi Greg. Thanks for coming by. I hope to see you again!

      On point #1, I thought it sounded a little extreme too, but I could imagine a situation in which circumstances come together to make an innocent person seem guilty. Even if there is something we don’t know in this story, I do hate feeling under the glass as a parent sometimes, you know? Your wife definitely is in a good position to voice an opinion about it though. I would be interested to hear her thoughts on some of the other Free Range articles. I was definitely raised Free Range, and I’m glad I was.

      On #2, I felt like your response was a bit simplistic. Of course Jesus was a man of peace. But I wonder where the limit is – if someone assaults my wife or daughter, I have trouble believing God wants me not to use force to stop that. I have trouble believing we should stand aside in the face of genocide or extreme exploitation. So while I absolutely agree we need to be pacifists in 99.9% of situations, it’s that fuzzy .1% I wonder about.

  4. Melinda says:

    i opened those links in a browser window at some point before the final production of Sunday evening, and then shut my computer off… so when they were open this morning, I didn’t remember where I’d gotten the links from. As a result, I almost sent you the Ebert piece and the FR post.

    Good stuff.

    Sometimes, when we run out of our other theology stuff to discuss, i think pacifism would be an excellent conversation. I think the tension you have with the questions is a very healthy tension indeed. Keep living in the reality that sometimes issues aren’t quite so cut and dry as some people make them. Even when you have to non-violently fight to stay there.

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