Saturday Links (4/2/11)

Biologos speaks of humility, unity, and sticking up for their biggest critic.

This should be required reading for basically everyone. Or at least everyone who plans to hold and defend an opinion at some point.

Awesome news from Pixar.

Jason Boyett shares some interesting findings that suggest doubters make more persistent advocates.

Exactly why half the internet reads The Bloggess.

Matthew Paul Turner opens his heart regarding the anger he still carries from his fundie upbringing.

This is why I love the guy. As soon as I saw “My Review of Love Wins” next to Don Miller’s name in my subscriptions, I thought There’s no way he reviewed Love Wins. He HATES this kind of controversy. And of course I was right.

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One Response to Saturday Links (4/2/11)

  1. Pixar is always up to something good. Why can’t church be more like Pixar?

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