Muncie Children’s Museum

The first Saturday after New Year’s Lyndie and I took Yoselin to the Muncie Children’s Museum in Muncie, Indiana. Our membership to Boonshoft got us in free and while the Muncie museum is definitely smaller and less polished than Boonshoft it still held enough fun times to occupy our afternoon. Its only advantages over Boonshoft are a cool model train layout and a slightly more realized dinosaur dig pit. Overall though it doesn’t have nearly as much to offer, especially since it lacks a zoo. I don’t know that we’ll be back this year, but if you have a Boonshoft membership it’s worth checking out once.
And with this I was able to achieve my life-long dream of riding a dinosaur. Of course, I always imagined it would be more ambulatory. Still, it gave me visions of Dinotopia.
The cow is fake, but the udders work. Creepy. Yosi spent way too much time here.
In the classroom Yosi was generous enough to “read” Mommy a story. She dragged quite a narrative out of this wordless yellow page.
My favorite part of the museum? The train exhibit. It’s always the train exhibit.
Lyndie spent an impressive amount of time in this human kaleidoscope trying to get a cool picture. I can’t really make fun of her though since the entire time she was doing that I was laying down a beatbox rhythm in the eardrum exhibit, which I don’t think they intended it for.
This sign got my Free Range hackles up a bit. This door leads to an outdoor play and exploration area. If you don’t want kids to play on the rocks, don’t put rocks there. This was almost as annoying as the repeated loudspeaker announcements not to run in the museum. IT’S A CHILDREN’S MUSEUM!
It took me a while to talk the Bean into trying the human ant farm (she’s fearless one minute and strangely nervous the next with stuff like this), but when she finally gave this very cool exhibit a chance she loved it.
Yosi’s favorite part of the entire museum was in the gift shop where she got to mix together different colors of sand into a jar for a buck. The colors were intensely pleasing, I have to say.
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