Other People’s Words, No. 3

I feel more and more that we must not judge God on the basis of this world; it’s a study that didn’t come off. What can you do, in a study that has gone wrong, if you are fond of the artist? You do not find much to criticize; you hold your tongue. But you have a right to ask for something better. It is only a master who can make such a muddle, and perhaps that is the best consolation we have out of it, since then we have a right to hope that we’ll see the same creative hand get even with itself. And this life of ours, so much criticized, and for such good and even exalted reasons – we must not take it for anything but what it is, and go on hoping that in some other life we’ll see a better thing than this.

~ from Dear Theo by Vincent Van Gogh 

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One Response to Other People’s Words, No. 3

  1. I feel the need to comment that I do not necessarily endorse or agree with the excerpts I post for the Other People’s Words series. I post them because they are thought and conversation provoking and because they are beautifully written. If you have thoughts on them, please share.

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