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An American [geek's] Childhood, No. 10

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Unmasking Megan

Few things can tie a father’s stomach into knots like thinking about the self-esteem gauntlet his daughter(s) is going to have to navigate from, say, now, till, say, she dies an old woman. We think our little girls are beautiful, and we’re terrified they’ll stop believing … Continue reading

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Top Twelve Tuesday: 2010 in pictures

This is less of a top 12 list and more of a retrospective photoblog for all of 2010, but what are blog gimmicks for if not for being manipulated by the blogger, right?. I’ve picked my favorite pic from each … Continue reading

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A [poetic] Case of the Mondays, No. 6

Centrifuge (2010) My friend says Fear is what you’re left with When love has boiled off From not being watched I’m staring at the pan And trying to figure out How you tell the two apart When they refuse to … Continue reading

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An American [geek's] Childhood, No. 9

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Top Thirty Tuesday: Tales of the Glories

Since this is my 30th Christmas on this earth (if you count the one spent in the womb), I am listing my thirty favorite traditions, memories or…things…about this time of year. These are listed in the order I thought of … Continue reading

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Stop the Insanity!

There are a number of parents, Lyndie and I included, who feel that our culture’s concern for child safety has passed from being helpful to being absurd. It seems like every week there is a news story of a parent … Continue reading

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Kettle pimp

Just wanted to remind you that I’m posting write-ups of every film on my Top 10 Favorite Christmas Movies list over at my other blog. So far I’ve done Little Women and In Bruges, as well as The Nightmare Before … Continue reading

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An American [geek's] Childhood, No. 8

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Snow Angel

My three year old daughter’s favorite song is about death and war. I’m not sure how it happened, but somehow my daughter fell in love with Over the Rhine’s Snow Angel off their Christmas album of the same name. Every … Continue reading

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